Vision Shopsters:wound Care Markets, 4th. Edition, Vol. Ii: Burns

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Wound care is a continually altering market place. New wound care products and devices are getting into the industry with swiftly to treat the most painful and crucial of injuries, all striving for the best clinical outcomes. Kalorama’s Wound Care Markets, 4th Edition, Vol. II: Burns represents the fourth time that Kalorama has rexamined this aspect of the wound care market, and the study analyzes burn treatment in wound care in the following item segments and subsegments: :

* Anti-infectives
* Burn Injury Management, like:
o Wound Cleaners
o Debridement
o Silver Dressings
* Moist Dressings, which includes:
o Alginates
o Films
o Foams
o Hydrocolloids
o Hydrogels
* Biological Dressings, which includes:
o Artificial Skin
o Collagen
* Stress Relief
* Miscellaneous Treatments

For every segment, the report includes the following:

* Existing Industry Size
* Historical Data (2003-2008)
* Revenue Forecasts (2009-2013)
* Assessment of main goods.
* Business Developments
* Competitive Market place Share

For each segment and subsegment, the report offers existing market size and forecasted revenues years 2009 by way of 2013. Competitive market place share info is provided by major manufacturer for every single key segment in the year 2006. Historical information are offered for each and every of the years 2003 by means of 2008. The study also details study developments, industry trends, and relevant epidemiologic and demographic data.

Since the last edition of Kalorama Information’s Wound Care Markets Series, there have been shifts in the market for treatment of burns. Up-to-date info was obtained from coverage of the world-renown Symposium on Sophisticated Wound Care and the Wound Healing Society convention. Background information was obtained from a extensive search of published literature and reports obtained from a variety of government, business, health-related trade, and international journals and company reports and releases. Key information from published literature was used to conduct interviews with more than 62 sector executives and solution managers to validate and get expert opinion on present and future trends in the wound care market. Interviews had been also employed to confirm and/or adjust market place size and market share estimates, as well as in formulating market place projections.

All industry information pertain to the market at the companies level. Data are expressed in current U.S. dollars.

Advertising directors, product managers, enterprise development executives in the wound care business, investment specialists thinking about investments in this area and consultants and marketing agencies who service wound care customers are amongst those who will find this study a helpful resource.

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