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“Only as an aesthetic phenomenon can the humankind be justified” F. Nietzsche

Given that the introduction of moment in time humanity has recorded its existence in round about sort of artistic type. These expressions declare been the supply of a lot with the aim of we know of how we perceive and experience existence: The sacrificial wonders of Montezuma, the slavery and opulence of the Egyptians, the execute of Guernica and the hundreds of artistic concerto from the survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

We program to stage our story in methods with the aim of declare not for eternity been component of the highest gush narrative and the “official version”. In the sphere of the 21st Century nevertheless it may be assumed not a lot declare misused given that the new start off someplace practically absolutely everyone media and arts centres are forever much more geared to the affluent and bourgeois segments of society. Shoppers are increasingly consumed by the hottest trend compulsory by the board-rooms of London, Paris, N York or Milan.

Nevertheless close to is an added a smaller sized quantity visible story usually restricted to locations in the humankind someplace the “hip and trendy” are not component of the panorama like the population location of bone china, Vietnam, the inner cities of Brazil the “barrios” of Cuba, the elapsed artists of Serbia and the earlier USSR. It really is the story of the a variety of whereabouts and distinct artists with the aim of declare led man and lady to a struggle to live through and attain a higher be conscious of of equality, fairness and dignity opposed to the powers of headquarters and oppression. This is the interval of our story with the aim of we hunger to focus the apart from known as opinionated art, notwithstanding the notion with the aim of everything in our lives is opinionated to a a number of degree.

Our plot is release to all the beyond, stage and opportunity forms of expressions with the aim of wonder about the tips rooted in the counter whereabouts with the aim of declare challenged the status quo.Not as opposing thesis on the equation of life but as a hypothesis created for a far better chance of a classless, presently and fairer society. A plot someplace the seemingly voiceless will twirl their distress into virtues like composers seek through their sorrow an unheard concerto, as an actor yearning created for a privileged degree of understanding amongst us.

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